Terms & Conditions

  1. 30 days validity for Social Media Marketing Packages. Packages shall be renewed in every 30 days to continue availing the services.
  2. We do not guarantee any positive outcomes of the services hence we are not liable to pay any refunds for any unforeseen or non-guaranteed outcomes.
  3. In special circumstances, the client can use the amount somewhere else after being approved by higher management.
  4. When the server space is reaching its end limit, the customer will be alerted via email after which the client can choose to increase the space or clear their current data to make space. If the client fails to respond and if the server’s space exceeds from its limit, it can result in website shutdown.
  5. The client can seek support to increase space or re-launch the website from us via email.
  6. Hosting charges to be paid within the due date or the client shall be responsible for paying the late payment charges. Failed to do so shall result in shutting off the website hosting and removing website backup from the server. Charges paid past the due date shall include hosting fees, late payment fees and backup storage charges as well.
  7. Similarly, if domain charges are not paid within the required time, shall result in suspension of the website’s domain.
  8. We are not liable to provide our client with services that include prevention of hacking, swift performance, website and its server maintenance if they have not subscribed to our monthly package of website management. Boossto shall not be held responsible for any defects after the delivery of complete website.
  9. Slow performance of any shopify website to be directly reported to shopify.
  10. Our Social Media marketing package will not be responsible to cater to any features such as Ad manager, business manager, payment method, advertisement etc., if they are disabled by Facebook itself due to suspicious activities or any reason. Resolution of such issues will be charged according to its working hours.
  11. The client should responsibly share their complete requirements for website in proper format and reply to queries within appropriate time limits with their assigned project manager .
  12. Uninformed delays caused by client in requirement gathering shall result in maximum 2 months waiting by us after which we will be liable to close that website project. After 2 months, if the client will be interested to carry on with the project then they shall re-pay the complete charges to resume the working of their project.
  13. General Marketing: Client is liable to provide with their account details to link for direct transactions for their brand advertisements.
  14. Our team will respond to any queries within the working hours that are 10:00 am-6:00pm.
  15. The quotation of any package will be valid for 7 days. Prices can vary according to the working hours or requirements of the clients.
  16. Complete payment to be paid in advance for packages of digital Marketing, website management and social media management. Website packages to be paid according to its payment plan and complete payment to be issued right after the completion and delivery of the project.
  17. Digital Marketing and Social media management team shall be following the calendar that will consist of schedules for posting and other activities of that project. Client cannot be interfering with the schedules and timings.